Technical Services Center

Tysen-kld technical service center is a strong client-centered support team which consists of more than 40 professionals. As the company's customer-oriented window, the technical service center has always been placing customers’ satisfaction at the first place, and provides high-quality and efficient service to customers with its own expertise and passion everyday.

Our customer satisfaction degree has been in the leading position of the field in the customer satisfaction survey of the third party. The concept of focusing on customer, continuous innovation has obtained double recognition from authority and customer. Always giving customers the most intimate care, striving to create the best customer care center of Chinese area, Tysen-kld's technical service center will become the industry benchmark.

The technical service center provides technical support for Tysenkld series products, including the followings:

  • Product Selection: Providing customer with service of product consultation, product selection to enable customer to choose the most suitable products;
  • Assistance in Providing Drawing: Providing technical support to assist the designers of design institute in providing drawing for product;
  • Solution: Providing customers with professional system solutions;
  • Technical Exchange: Holding technical exchange meeting to eliminate all technical problems for customers’ usage of our products and services;
  • Technical Guidance: Providing technical guidance to problems encountered by customers during usage of the product, and providing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ);
  • Technical Training: The training services provided by us include: training course (standard training, customized training, on-site training), training requirements analysis, skill assessment, training aids (training publication, training sample) etc, which can fully meet the user’s training requirements at different levels, help you get the most benefit from it. In addition, we provide customized training solutions. Each solution is customized based on your investment and goal. Moreover, a set of mature processes will be used in it to determine you ideal vision, actual constraints, schedule and perfect measurement criteria for success etc..

If you encounter technical problems in operation process of the product or system, we are ready to provide service for you all over the country. Whether your product or system encounters any problem, you will never be isolated and helpless. You can directly contact our technical experts, in case of encountering an emergent technical problem. You will be provided with the most professional technical support. We are always thinking of you, and realize the sublimation of value with golden service.

Hotline of the Technical Service Center: 021-62886915

Our Service Hours: 8:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday     9:00 to 17:00 Saturday