After-sales Services

After-sales Services Center

The professional technical team of Tysen-kld’s technical after-sale service center will timely provide 24-hr service, 7 days a week. Trained and experienced senior service experts of this industry will provide the most professional service solution and implement the most efficient on-site processing for you. We provide customers with all-round product after-sales service such as product installation and commissioning, product maintenance, product replacement and so on.

Adhering to the service concept of "being 0 meter from you", more than 30 elite after-sales service personnel provide high value-added services for customers with the highest-level service standard. When performing after-sales service, the after-sales technical service personnel always take the responsibility of providing high-quality service, adhere to the principle of "fast and quick, quality first, cost reduction". Besides troubleshooting, simple application and installation problems, we also provide customer with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the most reasonable usage suggestion in the process of usage.

After-sales Services Items

  • Product Information Query: Question query of product express information, serial number and the like service;
  • Technical guidance: Providing technical guidance for customers’ on-site installation, product commissioning;
  • Troubleshooting: Solving the problems occurred in transportation process or usage process, and being responsible for repair;
  • Product Replacement: Be responsible for replacing product which can not be repaired and needs to be replaced;
  • Product Accessories: Mail of product related accessories;
  • On-site Commissioning of System Products: Being responsible for commissioning of system product which needs on-site commissioning for customer;
  • Customer Return Visit: Regularly paying return visit to customer, solving the frequently asked questions of customer in the process of using the product.

After-sales Services Hotline: 021-62886915 /021-60310351

After-sales Services Commitment

  • Reply to product consultation, quality complaint within 4 hours;
  • Free repair or replacement within warranty period of product (except for manual damage);
  • Paid maintenance or replacement outside warranty period of product, life-long maintenance;
  • For system project, assisting customers in training technical personnel of their own free of charge;
  • For software system, providing free upgrade service.