Fast Protection Action High ReliabilityEffectively Reducing the Harm

KLD-AP arc light fast bus protection system can quickly cut off fault in order to limit duration of faulty arc, eliminate the harm caused by its various effects to personnel and equipment, minimize the degree of damage, thus it can avoid damage of main transformer due to being subject to impact of short-circuit current for long time. It mainly adopts double criterion principle of arc and over current detection, has the advantages of simple principle, quick and reliable action.

Protection Features

It fully meets all electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, conforms to design standards of relay protection, adopts double criterion of arc and over current. It has fast output tripping signal (< 1ms), passive arc detection unit of high reliability.

Application Areas

As a kind of economical and practical arc protection system with simple principle, fast and reliable action. It is a ideal solution for 380V ~ 110kV medium and low voltage bus protection in distribution system.

Solution Background

  • With the rapid development of domestic power industry, the medium-voltage bus fault caused by arc short circuit of switch cabinet is also increasing. According to the requirement of relay protection rapidity, there is an urgent need to configure dedicated low and medium voltage bus protection.
  • The harm degree of arc fault depends on arc current and cutoff time. Most switch cabinets used are produced according to IEC298 AC Metal Closed Switch Equipment and Control Equipment. Only if total cut off time of switch cabinet is less than 85ms, can equipment not be damaged.
  • Today, the serious accident caused by arc fault has aroused great attention of China power sector.Users also hope to be provided with a kind of bus protection of low cost, simple principle, to minimize damage caused by bus failure, improve power supply reliability.Under such background, application of arc protection system starts to accelerate.