Real-time Temperature Monitoring of the Key PointsRealizing Early Warning of Equipment

KLD-FGT-T series fiber grating sensing on-line monitoring system realizes early warning of overheating of power equipment through real-time continuous temperature monitoring of the high-voltage power equipment and cable.

Solutions Introduction

The system is mainly composed of four parts: fiber grating sensor, transmission optic cable, optic fiber grating intelligent demodulator and background computer monitoring and alarming. The fiber grating intelligent demodulator transmits signal to computer via Ethernet port after analysis. Then the computer will perform data processing, fault diagnosis, alarm and control, etc.

Application Areas

  • Temperature measurement of power switch cabinet
  • Temperature measurement of high-voltage power cable
  • Temperature monitoring and fire alarm of cable tunnel
  • Temperature monitoring of traffic area
  • Measurement of surface temperature of pressure vessel
  • Temperature monitoring of petrochemical tank, gas tank
  • Temperature monitoring of large area, large range
  • Temperature monitoring of dangerous area, important areas

Solutions Background

The medium and high voltage switch cabinet in power plant and substation is the important electrical equipment, and their safe operation is the important guarantee for the safe production of power system.The junction of dynamic and static contacts and busbars heating positions become hidden trouble of accident of failure. Once safety problems of electrical equipment occur, huge economic losses will be caused.

The system can also meet the conditions for insulation, contact type, long-term operation, real-time monitoring of . It has very high reliability and safety, can monitor real-time equipment running status, provide reliable basis for the repair, replacement to achieve predictive maintenance of low voltage switch cabinet.