KLD-UPQC series power quality comprehensive control device

Excellent performance and comprehensive functionAvailable for solving all kinds of power quality problems in distribution network

As a kind of power technology device, the power quality comprehensive control device has excellent performance and comprehensive functions, and can be used in solving various power quality problems of the distribution network. As a power quality control device with comprehensive compensation capability, the TYSEN KLD-UPQC series power quality comprehensive control device directly faces the power quality of the entire low-voltage electrical system, and can simultaneously meet the user's demand for voltage and current quality problems.

Benefits from comprehensive treatment of power quality

  • Quickly compensate for sudden rise or sudden drop, fluctuations and flicker in the supply voltage
  • Effectively prevent voltage sway
  • Control voltage sag and swell
  • Has automatic voltage regulation function
  • Has the harmonic filtering function, nonlinear load harmonic distortion rate reduced to less than 5%
  • Has compensating reactive power function, which can reach 0.99 after power factor compensation

Application industry

KLD-UPQC power quality comprehensive treatment device has been widely used in precision equipment protection of many industrial settings such as automobile manufacturers, rolling mills, steel mills, pulp and paper industry, hospitals, power and electronics industry, subway, rail transit, infrastructure, commercial centers, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications, airports, ports and large logistics facilities as well as data centers.

Application case

Precision equipment protection case in certain company

Load profile

The main loads are precision welding machine, measuring instrument and servo motor. Such equipment has high requirements on power quality. Due to high distortion of power supply voltage, large harmonic content, and large deviation of voltage rating, such equipment cannot work normally and the product quality is unqualified.

Treatment Measures

The treatment measures are: installation of a KLD-UPQC power quality integrated treatment device at the rear end of the transformer.

Treatment effect of power quality comprehensive control device

The voltage waveform of the power supply voltage is almost sinusoidal, the voltage value is basically stable at about 220V, and the power quality is improved. After installing KLD-UPQC, the precision welding machine, measuring instrument and servo motor work have been normal, and the product quality is guaranteed.