Protecting Electrical EquipmentImproving Reliability of Equipment

For higher harmonic governance, Tysen-kld has developed harmonic protector of the latest technology. It can absorb harmonic interference of various frequencies, automatically eliminate interference. It can purify power supply, protect electrical equipment, and prevent false trip of protection device to improve reliability of the equipment operation, reduce equipment repair and maintenance costs.

Suppression of Higher Harmonics

It is generally divided into centralized suppression and local suppression. In centralized suppression, it is generally installed in line incoming cabinet to suppress harmonic; In local suppression, it is generally installed in the distribution box.

Benefits of the Suppression

Protecting Equipment

The harmonic protector can automatically eliminate destructive higher harmonic, high frequency noise, surge, spike transient etc..

Purifying Power Source

KLD harmonic protector has a strong ability of harmonic suppression and elimination, can eliminate up to 99% voltage and current distortion caused by harmonic, to prevent computer screen flicker caused by harmonic, and light flicker caused by switch, short circuit, load change, improve harmonic environment of IT equipment, and prevent the network blockage by data.

Protecting Compensation Device

The harmonic protector eliminates harmonic pollution, ensures service life.

Preventing False Trip

It can reduce the possibility of wrong tripping of breaker.

Application Areas

Harmonic protector is used for harmonic suppression on electrical appliance and machines, is mainly applied in precision instrument, etc.

  • Precision processing industries, for example: cigarette industry, film industry and medicine, etc.
  • Place which has strict requirements on electricity, for example: large hospital, government office buildings, etc.
  • Places where are single-phase rectifier equipment, large power amplifier, for example: opera theater, stadium, exhibition center, etc.
  • Places where switches, communication equipment are used, for example: stock exchange, bank building, command center.
  • Other industries have special demands for electricity.。