Real-time Eliminate HarmonicImproving Security and Stability

With the application of a large number of non-linear power equipment, great harmonic pollution will be produced in power system. The traditional passive filter technology cannot meet the filtering requirements of dynamic change. The active power filter of Tysen-kld provides perfect solution for harmonic filtering. The effect is filtering harmonic and obtaining clear sinusoidal current waveform.

Use of Active Power Filter solutions

  • Eliminating Harmonic Real-time eliminate harmonic, reduction of voltage and current distortion rate.
  • Stabilizing System To prevent various faulty operations caused by harmonic, ensure safety input of reactive power compensation equipment, etc.
  • Energy Saving To reduce the loss, reduce heat , prolong service life of equipment.

Benefits of Suppression

Safe Power Supply

  • Maintaining normal production and safety of electricity utilization

Economic Benefits

  • Reduction of harmonic loss, energy saving.
  • Harmonic index meets the national standard, avoids being
    governed harmonic pollution.
  • Reduction of expansion investment of transformer.
  • Protection of electrical equipment, reduction of investment.

Social Benefits

  • Reduction of harmonic pollution, environment protection.

Application Areas

Petrochemical/Port Machinery

Harmonic content increase greatly, causing harm to power equipment and deviation in measurement.

Steel Metallurgy Manufacture

The main equipment are DC rolling mill, electric arc furnace, etc., producing a lot of harmonic.

Automobile Manufacturing

The main nonlinear loads are welding machine, punching machine, automatic production line, etc. , great occurrence content of harmonic.

Automatic Production Line

Automatic production lines generally adopt frequency conversion device, producing large amount of harmonics.

Application Areas

Rail Transportation

In rectifying, inverting device, DC motor device, etc., harmonics impacts the automatic control device.According to the existing electrified railway, most systems have been installed with active power filter.

Intelligent Building/IT/Bank

The harmonics of communication system, computer, UPS, digital office equipment, and monitoring system have a great threat to normal use of the main intelligent and automation equipment, relay protection, electrical measuring equipment.