Fast & Accurate Compensation, High ReliabilityBest Solution in Reactive Power Control Field

At present, SVG is the most advanced reactive power compensation device. It realizes reactive energy conversion through the high-frequency switch of large power electronic device.Adopting FATCS technology represented by IGBT technology, KLD-SVG series SVG has fast response speed. SVG has outstanding advantages of no risk of harmonic amplification etc., it is the preferred energy saving solution for dynamic reactive power compensation function.

Improvement of Power Factor

SVG has the ability of continuously adjusting (absorbing or outputing) reactive power, can stabilize power factor at 1.0, reduce or even eliminate line loss caused by reactive power transmission, meanwhile can reduce (avoid) the power system penalty due to reduction of power factor.

Dynamic Adjustment of Impact Load

SVG has dynamic response speed of less than 1ms, can eliminate the voltage fluctuation and flicker caused by the impact load, improve the power quality.

Reduction of Installation Capacity

SVG can achieve continuous compensation, make the apparent power greatly reduce, it can reduce the reported installation capacity of distribution system, thereby reduce the basic electric charge.

Improvement of load capacity of distribution transformer

For the distribution system that has been put into operation, SVG can realize reactive power compensation, increase ability of transmitting active power.

Application Areas

SVG has a wide range of application demand in power generation, transmission and distribution.

  • Oriented at power system:
    Suppression of power system oscillation, improvement ability of transmission and distribution.
  • Oriented at each industry:
    Application in reactive power compensation for industries such as electrified railway, mining, metallurgy,petrochemical, shipbuilding, hospital and building construction.