Obvious Effect of Loss ReductionLess Investments & Fast Effect

It is required that 10kV power factor should be not less than 0.9and reactive power compensation etc. are also required. One of keys of the mainly solved problems is to put certain amount of capacitors into 10kV transmission line to realize reactive power compensation.

Easy Installation

Installation of 10kV, 6kV reactive compensation capacitor, reactor in medium voltage power grid brings advantages of fast effect, easy installation. Reasonable choice of 10kV and 6kV line reactive power compensation position and compensation capacity is to improve power factor, reduce line losses, improve power quality.

Fixed Compensation

It means to install capacitor bank on the bus, and conduct one-time input when needing compensation. Its fixed capacity cannot compensate accurately, it needs less investment and facilitates maintenance.

Grouping Automatic Compensation

It means to conduct centralized grouping installation of capacity bank, and conduct grouping input based on capacity when needing compensation.

According to the requirements of the project, choose appropriate compensation way. Our company provides components for high-voltage reactive power compensation components.

Application Areas

High-voltage PFC compensation is applied in many enterprises, such as metallurgy, electric power, coal, electrified railway, and other industrial field. It can save energy and reduce loss consumption, increase the power factor, improve power quality.

It is applicable to 6kV, 10kV distribution system, other voltage levels can be customized.

  • The components with reactance rate of 6%, can effectively suppress 5th or above harmonic pollution.
  • The component with reactance rate of 12%, can effectively suppress 3th or above harmonic pollution.