Targeted to Eliminate HarmonicEffectively Absorb Harmonics & Reduce Loss

Great adoption of controllable silicon technique,conversion and inversion equipment in metallurgy, mining, electrified railway, etc.These nonlinear loads generate lots of harmonics in the system, thus affect the power quality and lead to economic losses.In practical engineering applications, most adopt passive filter of mature technology.

Reduce Loss

Tuning passive filter is adopted to eliminate harmonic and conduct reactive power compensation. It can effectively absorb the harmonics generated by load, reduce loss, improve operation reliability of transformer and other electrical equipment.

Reactive Power Compensation

While filtering harmonic, it also provides certain amount of reactive power compensation for the system to improve the operation efficiency of users’ load. We design each set of equipment for actual situation of user, and strive to achieve the best effect of harmonic filtering, provide users with load efficiency, achieve the expected investment benefit.

Application Areas

  • Tuning passive filter can be used in occasions with serious harmonic pollution and harmonic of great change (such as medium frequency smelting, frequency conversion control steel rolling, etc.) , in order to eliminate harmonic and conduct reactive power compensation.
  • This series of tuning filter compensation cabinet is mainly used for filtering 5th, 7th, 11th harmonics in power grid and higher harmonics of system.

Solution Selections

For 5th harmonic, contactor switching, filtering effect reaches more than 95%.

Compensation Capacity (kvar) Steps Model Width×Depth×Height (mm) Voltage (V)
125 5×25 KLD-MS5-125/5-400V 800×800×2200 400
150 6×25 KLD-MS5-150/6-400V 800×800×2200 400
175 7×25 KLD-MS5-175/7-400V 1000×800×2200 400
200 8×25 KLD-MS5-200/8-400V 1000×800×2200 400
225 9×25 KLD-MS5-225/9-400V 1000×800×2200 400
250 10×25 KLD-MS5-250/10-400V 1000×800×2200 400

For 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th harmonic situations and model issues, welcome inquiry.