Automatic fire-extinguishing system of intelligent wireless fire alarm

Integrate "early warning, alarm, and fire-extinguishing" into oneWireless fire alarm automatic fire-extinguishing system featuring high performance, high reliability, easy installation, use and maintenance

KLD-FAE series automatic fire-extinguishing system of intelligent wireless fire alarm is a new generation of electrical fire alarm and fire protection products integrating microelectronic sensor technology, modern network and wireless communication technology, distributed information processing technology and microcomputer control. It can be used either independently or by networking with the Control Center.

Product Advantages

KLD-FAE series intelligent wireless fire alarm fire-extinguishing system has many advantages unachievable by traditional fire alarm products, and is the best choice to meet fire protection requirements.

Efficient, stable and safe

The product can transmit relevant data using specific wireless signal frequency bands, and render strong anti-interference, and higher efficiency, stability and reliability. Its system structure is simpler to ensure more stable operation and detection; the automatic fire-extinguishing device used is small in size, reliable in starting, fast in fire-extinguishing and highly efficient and stable. It has no influence on its equipment.

Green and Environmentally-friendly

The automatic fire-extinguishing device is in ozone depletion potential (OPP value) of 0, free of damage to the ozone layer, and greenhouse warming potential (GWP value) of 0, and free of any greenhouse effect or impact on global temperature changes. It is green and environmentally friendly.

Product Advantages

Easy installation, maintenance

The product adopts wireless transmission technology and fixed mounting method, easy to install and without any requirement for wiring, and very simple, convenient and expedient operation. It overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional wired alarm system e.g. poor expansion capability and cumbersome wiring; false alarm caused by aging of line and difficulty in line troubleshooting.

System intelligence and powerful function

The system adopts technology-advanced precision chips, and provides advantages of sensitive detection, fast response and false alarm prevention. It can effectively avoid erroneous alarming and malfunctioning caused by non-fire reasons.
The system adopts large-screen LCD, and displays more information on one screen. Its interface is friendly, intuitive and easy to understand. The system integrates "abnormal warning, fire alarm, automatic fire-extinguishing, system process display, and fire record management" into one, transmits signal short messages to mobile phones or background monitoring systems in real-time manner, which provides powerful functions by monitoring anytime and anywhere.

Flexible networking and powerful scalability

The system configuration is extremely flexible and convenient. It can be freely installed in the area to be monitored, realize large network coverage monitoring, system round-the-clock uninterrupted protection, and self-patrol inspection to ensure 24×7 fire safety in the distribution environment. With wireless connectivity, the system has high scalability and flexible application.

Application field

KLD-FAE series wireless fire alarm system is suitable for many industry sectors:

  • Building industry:high-rise buildings, industrial buildings substations, libraries, archives, data rooms, underground storage rooms, safes, etc.;
  • Communication industry:electronic equipment room, communication equipment room, computer room, communication base station, relay station, power distribution cabinet, data processing room, remote control room, power distribution cabinet for precision equipment, etc.
  • Power industry: power distribution room, distribution box, cable tunnel, cable well, cable trench narrow space, generator room, insulating oil depot, substation, UPS system, etc.;
  • Metallurgical industry:power distribution room, rolling mill equipment room, electronic equipment control room electrical basement, cable vault, cable tunnel, transformer room, etc.;
  • Petrochemical industry:flammable liquid storage area, transformation (distribution) electric room, generator room, cable tunnel, cable well, power distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, etc.;
  • Transportation industry:train locomotive, railway source line signal station substation, station signal building, highway signal station, automobile engine room, turbine room, ship engine room, etc.;
  • Other industries:national key units, government agency archive building, TV and broadcasting center, financial institution information building, hospital equipment room, airport command tower, large-sized traffic command center, grain and oil reserve depot, large gas station, etc.