Provide Perimeter Intrusion Alarm without Any Active DeviceConducting Early Warning Monitoring

Distributed fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system is a new generation of informatization security early-warning system. It conducts continuous and real-time monitoring of various disturbance passed by directly contacted optical fiber or by carrier such as soil cover, fence, and collects disturbance data,, and destruction possibly threatening optical fiber (cable)carrier etc. to realize system early warning or real-time alarm, so as to achieve the purpose of early warning monitoring of threat actions intruding into fortified area perimeter and its inside core area.

System Characteristics

  • Advanced technology, reliable performance, strong database;
  • Convenient cabling way, can operate stably and well in any complex region environment;
  • Passive defence area, can prevent lightning, electromagnetic interference;
  • Low power consumption system, simple installation and maintenance;
  • Intelligent behavior pattern recognition, can customize different levels of alarm demand response, system early warning or real-time alarm;
  • Conduct real-time early warning and monitoring;
  • All fence, barrier can be freely concealed, environmental protection.

System Principle

Defense area type optical fiber perimeter security monitoring system adopts interference principle: Uses optical cable as element of light signal phase modulation, judges whether there is disturbance signal generated in defence area through detection of the change of optical phase in optical fiber. When there is external disturbance generated in the defence area, and determine alarm for defence area, thus send alarm information.

Application Areas

  • National power, military base, airport and other security places
  • Perimeter security monitoring of national defense frontier, oil and gas well, oil and gas pipelines, etc.
  • Perimeter security monitoring of nuclear power station, barracks station, missile launching silos and the like places
  • Perimeter security monitoring of scenic spots and historical sites, scientific research institutions, cultural industry fair, cultural venues and the like places
  • High-level protection places with special requirements

System Functions

Intrusion Detection

Can realize intrusion alarm monitoring of climbing fence,climbing fence with ladder, walking or crawling in buried fortified area.

Partition Positioning

The system sets up defence area according to action path and probability level of occurrence of invasion threat. It can conduct real-time positioning, so as to facilitate to timely take effective measures.

Remote Monitoring

Supporting TCP/IP network, realizing remote operation

Voice Monitoring Function

For special industries or specific regions to realize voice monitoring.

Linkage Function

The system can realize linkage with various sound and light alarm devices, video equipment and so on. It coordinates video camera in corresponding position to track intrusion objects.