Sensing Range, High Precision & High ReliabilityRealized the Multidimensional Measurements

KLD-DTF-P stress monitoring system mainly consists of detection cable, distributed optical fiber stress analyzer and background computer monitoring alarm system.It adopts direct laying of detection optical fiber on measured object to realize signal acquisition; After program processing, the computer will perform data processing, fault diagnosis, alarm and control implemented.

System Principle

The stress monitoring system can detect strain changes along different positions of the optical fiber.Through measuring the frequency drift value of reverse natural Brillouin scattering light in optical fiber, you can get the distribution information. It is applicable to the stain measurement of oil, gas and petrochemical pipeline, aerial cable, submarine cable, marine platform lifting device structure, etc.

System Characteristics

  • Measuring distance can realize ultra-distance monitoring, Maximum distance of 80 km
  • Up to 16-way light channels, wide measurement range
  • Spatial resolution 1.0m
  • Range resolution 0.1m
  • Dynamic range: 16.5dB
  • Providing high reliability necessary
  • Achieving high-speed data processing
  • Can simultaneously measure up to 100,000 data points

Application Areas

Natural and Civil Structure

To conduct collapse detection of inclined surfaces on both sides of highway, national highway, railway as well as tunnel to prevent disaster.

Artificial River Architectural Construction

To conduct monitoring on the change of bridge, building, ship, aircraft, spacecraft and important cultural heritage over the years and perform timely repair before collapse and damage.