Applied in Stress Monitoring of Bridge, Dam, Building, TunnelEasy Installation & High Reliability

The basic principle of stress real-time monitoring system is to use to temperature and stress deformation, and complete monitoring of the input light source excitation\output light signal of fiber sensor. In which, the fiber optic sensor is installed on detection site of bridge, dam, building, tunnel and other civil engineering structures, the optical fiber sensing analyzer is placed in remote monitoring center.

System Introduction

KLD-FGT-P FBG stress real-time monitoring system mainly includes two systems: Data measurement and data management &analysis system.Data management & analysis system includes detection data management subsystem and data analysis processing subsystem.

Application Areas

  • Bridge structure health monitoring
  • Dam stress deformation monitoring
  • Strain monitoring of large oil-gas sealed storage tank and pipeline sensitive points
  • Strain monitoring of high-pressure vessel, pipe and structure
  • Strain monitoring of sensitive part of various transportation

System Functions

Automatic Fire Alarm

Automatically conducts real-time stress monitoring of the area to detect abnormal fluctuations so as to timely alarm before accident occurs.

Monitoring Point Positioning

Liquid crystal display real-time displays, current temperature value, is convenient for management personnel to operate and maintain.

Remote Network On-line State Query

  • The temperature and alarm message at each monitoring point are saved to the large capacity storage ;
  • Operator can dynamically adjust the real-time state monitoring time interval;
  • Operator can view the historical stress change curve of each monitoring point.

System Functions

Alarm Setting

Can set the stress alarm trigger condition of monitoring points to be suitable for the difference conditions.

Stress Statistics

Can give the stress value, occurrence time, duration and location information of the corresponding monitoring points.

System Linkage

Analyzer alarm interface output switching value can be directly connected into the existing fire controller to realize fire alarm and display in fire duty room.

Line Self-check and Fault Positioning

Equipped with self-check function, can accurately locate the loss and breakpoint location, for the convenience maintenance and line overhaul.