Accurately Locate the Local Overheating HazardProviding Reliable Guarantee for Safe Operation

The basic principle of monitoring system is to use the linear relationship between the change of grating reflection wavelength inside fiber sensor and the temperature of fiber grating, and collect changed reflection wavelength via fiber sensing analyzer, and realize early fault forecasting and alarm. In case of failure, it provides alarm and rapidly and accurately locates failure points, and takes safety measures according to corresponding plan.

System Characteristics

  • Intrinsic safety, anti-electromagnetic interference;
  • High sensitivity, high measurement accuracy;
  • Multi-level alarm mode, constant temperature alarm;
  • The light source used in the system has long service life;
  • The system is stable and reliable.

Technical Parameters

  • Power Supply: AC:220V/50Hz
  • Working Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
  • Channel Number:1\4\8\12\16\20\24\32\60\72\128
  • Monitoring Method: Star-like networking or linear networking
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Temperature Measurement Resolution: 0.01℃
  • Optical Fiber Monitoring Distance: 50km
  • Response Time: ≤20ms
  • Alarm interface: photoelectric isolation relay output, SMS alarm module, voice alarm audio interface

System Functions

Remote Network On-line State Query

  • The temperature and alarm message at each monitoring point are saved to the large capacity storage;
  • Operator can dynamically adjust the real-time monitoring time interval of monitored points;

Alarm Setting

  • Can set the over-temperature alarm trigger condition of switch cabinet monitoring points to be suitable for the difference conditions.
    The default alarm trigger condition of the system
    • Temperature over75℃
    • Temperature rise rate over8℃/min
    • More than 15℃ over the average temperature within the region

Automatic Fire Alarm

Automatically conducts real-time temperature monitoring , timely alarms before fire occurs.

Monitoring Point Positioning

Liquid crystal display real-time displays the serial number, current temperature value and actual locations, is convenient for operate and maintain.

Temperature Statistics

Can give the equipment operation and its occurrence time, duration.

System Linkage

Analyzer alarm interface output switching value can realize fire alarm and display in fire duty room.

Line Self-check and Fault Positioning

Equipped with self-check function for the convenience of system commissioning, maintenance and line overhaul