KLD- AC Charging Post

Charger Control, convenient installation and debugging, perfect protection functionAchieving operations such as halt switch, card billing, etc.

Charging Post is an auxiliary equipment for charging electric vehicle. With the charging interface and HMI, it controls the charging of electric vehicle to realize charging switch stop and card billing. KLD-EVP-A AC charging post is Suitable for the on-board charger electric vehicle such as electric car, official car and provides single or three-phase safe and controllable AC power supply, with fixed on the outside and connected with AC network. It can be installed in various place such as parking lots of public, residential area, large shopping mall and enterprise, etc in floor or wall type.

Major Components

KLD-EVP-A AC consists of monitor, Kilowatt-hour meter, card reader, HMI, communication module, charge. It features convenient installation , simple operation and maintenance,perfect protection function.

Floor-type charging post is mounted on the floor of various parking and roadside lots; Wall-type charging post is mounted on the wall of fixed crowded buildings such as underground parking lot or garage. According to the quantity, it is classified to one gun and two guns. The one gun provides one charging interface to suitable for parking and roadside lots with low-density and the other provides two charging interfaces for charging two vehicles at same time to suitable for parking space with high-density.

Major Functions

  • Display: information of prompt, IC card, charging, etc. It is the only visual content provided by the charging unit to user and administrators.
  • Identity recognition: read IC card information, identify user's identity ;
  • Operation: button be used for user's and administrator's operation;
  • Output contactor: manage output and realize the control on charging;
  • Fee collection: collect charging expense, read and write the card balance;
  • Bill print: print the bill of customer's charging fee;
  • Data: manage all data, protect the integrity and security of data and provide functions of query, copy, delete.
  • System configuration: configurat system to setting different charging units;
  • Others: provide operation help and prompt of abnormal information.

Performance Characteristics

  • Whole-process screen + voice prompt function, simple and clear;
  • 32- bit embedded control system, auto-control charging process;
  • Supports local or background metering and billing function;
  • Support offline and networking operation;
  • Real-time display of charged amount, time, electrovalency, charging price and operation state;
  • Perfect protection of short circui, overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage, lightning, anti-theft, swapping;
  • Various communication interfaces such as RS485、CAN、Ethernet, GPRS, etc., convenient and flexible;
  • Supports dedicated IC payment ,APP payment, two-dimensional code payment;
  • Follows GB/T 20234, NB/T33002, high compatibility;
  • Adopt ESAM technology to ensure the safety of funds;
  • Small space, reasonable design, easy installation, convenient maintenance;
  • Rain and dust-proof design up to IP54, suitable for outdoor installation;
  • The customization can be conducted according to requirements of user.

Technical Parameters

Category Floor type AC charging post Wall type AC charging post
Input voltage (V) AC220V±15% AC220V±15%
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz±5% 50Hz±5%
Output voltage (V) AC220V±15% AC220V±15%
Output current (A) 16A/32A 16A/32A
Display Color touch screen
Charged object On-board charger
Interface One or two
Charging mode Slow
Communication interface CAN/GPRS/RS232 , etc.
Payment IC card, APP, two-dimensional code
Protection Grade IP54
Temperature -20℃~+55℃
Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Type-selection of KLD-AC charging post

Common Model No. Max. rated output current (A) Rated voltage (V) Installation mode
KLD-EVP-AF-16-220V 16A AC220V Floor
KLD-EVP-AF-32-220V 32A AC220V Floor
KLD-EVP-AW-16-220V 16A AC220V Wall
KLD-EVP-AW-32-220V 32A AC220V Wall

Note: You may consult Tysen-kld Company for specific matters on type selection. We will provide the best solution for you.