KLD-charging Module

Wide range of output voltage, high-accuracy and efficiencyFlexible, convenient, suitable for various vehicle

KLD-EV-M charging module is the main part of quick charging system. It adopts the most advanced digital power module, using AC power factor correction circuit (Vienna topology) and DC resonant soft switching circuit (LLC). It features high power density, wide range of output voltage, high-precision, efficiency, APFC, etc. by Used for off-board quick charging for electric vehicle at charging and power station.

Application Occasion

KLD-EV-M charging module is used for power supply of charging network, quickly and effectively to provide various capacities, combinations and power. It is installed in cabinet that can be installed with 27 charging modules, and it’s capacity can be adjusted to be suitable for the requirement.

The system is mainly used for charging electric vehicle rapidly with 80% in 15~30 mins. It can be installed in the place to supplement electric energy rapidly, such as charging station, bus station, highway, main road, large parking lots of office building, supermarket, residential area, also applicable to all types of electric vehicles to Self-service charging in unattended state.

Function Characteristics

Advanced Technology

  • Adopting digital dual DSP, CAN bus, LLC resonant soft switch, soft switch, dispersed heat dissipation, etc., with high efficiency, good performance;
  • The digital current sharing technology, good anti-interference;

Energy Saving & Environment

  • New efficient APFC circuit topology, with power factor 0.99, low THD, green environmental;
  • Conforming to CE safety, EMC Class A, and EU RoHS directive. safe, green and environmental;

Function Characteristics

Safe and Reliable

  • Full-redundancy design, N+1 backup operation, group screen flexible, convenient expansion, more reliable and more space saving;
  • Added fault code display to facilitate fault inspection;
  • The unique design of heat sink adopts two efficient temperature controlled fan with super wide range of -20℃~+65℃, adaptable to terrible conditions;
  • Conforming to EN60950-1, The system is provided with protect function of insulation detection, AC input over/under voltage, DC output over/under voltage, setting limiting value, short-circuit, limit current/voltage,etc.
  • Protection from Emergency stop, insulation detection;

Convenient Application

  • Hot-swaping technology and convenient maintenance;
  • Voltage covers 200V~750V with wide range, applicable to various batteries and vehicle;
  • Small size, high density, compatible with all kinds of various integrated, split and customized cabinets;
  • Supporting the possibility of charging buses and cars in one set of system, high density, less cabinets, saving floor and investment.

Technical Parameter

AC Input
Input voltage (V) AC380V±20% Grid frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz±10%
Power factor > 0.99 (charging module with APFC) Impact Current ≤110% of rated input
Performance Index
Nominal output voltage (V) 450V、750V Output voltage range (V) DC 200~500V、DC 200~750V
Voltage error ≤±0.5% Voltage precision ≤±0.5%
Current precision ≤±0.5% Ripple factor Peak: ≤±0.5%
Overshoot voltage (V) ≤105% of steady output voltage Efficiency >96%
Imbalance degree of current <3% Stand-by consumption (W) ≤0.1% rated output power
Harmonic distortion <5% Noise (dB) ≤60dB
Communication interface CAN/RS485 optional
Mechanical Date
Limit value of conduction radiation emission EN55022 CLASS A Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC6100-4-2 Class 3
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Temperature -20℃~+65℃ Humidity Max. 95%RH (no condensation)

Type Selection of KLD- Charging Module

Common Model No. Rated output power (kW) Max. output current (A) Voltage class(V)
KLD-EV-M-12.5-750V 12.5kW 17A 750V
KLD-EV-M-15-750V 15kW 20A 750V
KLD-EV-M-10-450V 10kW 23A 450V
KLD-EV-M-15-750V 15kW 34A 450V

Note: You may consult Tysen-kld Company for specific matters on type selection. We will provide the best solution for you.