KLD- Integrated Quick Charging System

Integrating DC charger, charging terminal and power distribution systemRealizing unattended self-service charging

The quick charging system is an indispensable infrastructure for electric vehicles energy service after the large-scale industrialization. KLD-EVQ is the front-end equipment of these, which is based on safety and reliability, guided by practicability, intelligence and standardization, integrating charger function, charging pile, power distribution system. It supports setting charging method, billing method, and charging process parameters, etc.

It uses rectifying equipment for charging the battery of cars. With large power, wide range of Output current voltage, it can meet the different types of requirements, and features light, small, stable, efficiency, resistance, safety and reliability, etc.

Application Occasions

It is mainly used for charging electric vehicle rapidly with 80% in 15~30 mins. It can be installed in the place to supplement electric energy rapidly, such as charging station, bus station, highway, main road, large parking lots of office building, supermarket, residential area, also applicable to all types of electric vehicles to Self-service charging in unattended state.

Working Principle

  • The main controller is control of each subsystem, receives input instructions, switches the working state of charger, control the output of charging power module;
  • Interactive subsystem including IC system reader, interaction interface realizes ID authentication, charging demand information;
  • Display of Input, charging process data, input of user's command, etc;
  • Power conversion subsystem includes AC input unit, charging module, active filter module. For The charging module , chargers of various specifications can be composed through parallel connection of one kind of standard power module;
  • Metering unit adopts mature AC metering technology;
  • Intelligent management module including communication interface, data processing, data storage etc of system, achieves various operational management strategies.

Function Characteristics

  • Reliable Module of security standard, N+1 backup operation, high safety and reliability;
  • Green New APFC circuit topology, with power factor 0.99, low THD, green environmental;
  • Efficient The high-frequency switching power supply module uses LLC resonance soft switching technology, with high efficiency;
    Dormancy and wheel technology, the system is efficient operation;
  • Advanced The digital current sharing technology, good anti-interference;
  • Convenient hot-swaping technology and convenient maintenance;
  • Attractive Double rust protection, elegant appearance, durable service;
  • Safe Perfect management with ESAM technology ensures the safety of funds;
  • Simple Intelligent charging control and perfect charging monitoring and protection, simple;
    Intelligent charging control and perfect charging monitoring and protection, simple;

Function Characteristics

  • Powerful
  • With automatic and manual charging function, it should adjust constant current/voltage mode according to BMS information.
  • With various charging options such as timing, quantitative, fixed amount, automatic full, etc.;
  • Real-time displaying charged amount, time, price, and other information as well as operation state;
  • With reminding and alarming function ; turning two guns charging, switching of quick and slow mode and stepless speed regulation;
  • Query function, historical data can be exported with USB;
  • With two-dimensional code scanning payment function; it can be pasted to cabinet or man-machine interactive display to display scanning function;
  • Detection for Output, IC card, input as switching value and operation state, fault;

Function Characteristics

  • Complete Protection
  • Electrical isolation for input and output of charger;
  • Device for preventing battery pack from charging the filter capacitor prevents large current when be connected;
  • High voltage level, insulation grade, EMC conforms to GB_T 20234.3-2011 Connection Set for Conductive Charging of Electric Vehicles.
  • Protection from AC input over/under voltage, DC output over/under voltage, setting limiting value, over-voltage/current, short-circuit, lightning, overheat, battery reverse connection, limit current/voltage,etc.;
  • Protection from Emergency stop, connection abnormality, insulation detection.

Technical Parameter

AC Input
Input voltage (V) AC380V±20% Grid frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz±10%
Harmonic distortion <5% Power factor > 0.99 (charging module with APFC)
DC Output
Nominal output voltage (V) 450V、750V Output voltage range (V) DC 200~500V、DC 200~750V
Voltage error ≤±0.5% Voltage accuracy ≤±0.5%
Current accuracy ≤±0.5% Ripple factor Peak:≤±0.5%
Efficiency >96% Imbalance degree of current sharing <3%
Stand-by power (W) ≤0.1% rated output power Noise(dB) ≤60dB
Interface function
Communication interface Industrial Ethernet port, RS485 (alse CAN port) Communication protocol Meet the BMS communication protocol GB/T27930-2011
Bill print Print the bill for user's charging fee Auxiliary supply 12V 20A or 24V 350W
Charging Interface One gun; two guns or multi-guns (meet national standard)
Mechanical Date
Protection Grade IP54 EMC CLASS A
Installation Floor mounted
Temperature -20℃~+55℃ Humidity Max. 95%RH (no condensation)

Type selection of KLD- integrated quick charging system

Common specifications of integrated quick charging system with one gun

Common Model No. Rated output power (kW) Max. output current (A) Voltage class (V)
KLD-EVQ-U-30-750V 30kW 40A 750V
KLD-EVQ-U-60-750V 60kW 80A
KLD-EVQ-U-90-750V 90kW 120A
KLD-EVQ-U-120-750V 120kW 160A
KLD-EVQ-U-187.5-750V 187.5kW 250A
KLD-EVQ-U-15-450V 15kW 34A 450V
KLD-EVQ-U-30-450V 30kW 67A
KLD-EVQ-U-45-450V 45kW 100A
KLD-EVQ-U-60-450V 60kW 134A
KLD-EVQ-U-90-450V 90kW 200A
KLD-EVQ-U-120-450V 120kW 267A

Common specifications of integrated quick charging system with two guns

Common Model No. Rated output power (kW) Max. output current (A) Voltage class (V)
KLD-EVQ-U2-30-750V 30kW 40A 750V
KLD-EVQ-U2-60-750V 60kW 80A
KLD-EVQ-U2-90-750V 90kW 120A
KLD-EVQ-U2-120-750V 120kW 160A
KLD-EVQ-U2-187.5-750V 187.5kW 250A
KLD-EVQ-U2-15-450V 15kW 34A 450V
KLD-EVQ-U2-30-450V 30kW 67A
KLD-EVQ-U2-45-450V 45kW 100A
KLD-EVQ-U2-60-450V 60kW 134A
KLD-EVQ-U2-90-450V 90kW 200A
KLD-EVQ-U2-120-450V 120kW 267A

Note: You may consult Tysen-kld Company for specific matters on type selection. We will provide the best solution for you.