Three-phase load unbalance comprehensive treatment device

Fully protect the operation safety of transformers and distribution lines and extend the service life of systemHigh adaptability, high intelligent monitoring, good controllability and simple installation

The TYSEN KLD-AMS-ZS series of three-phase load unbalance comprehensive control device is a high-tech product integrating power electronics technology, modern control technology and wireless communication technology, and combining static var generator (SVG), can quickly absorb or emit the required power, dynamically adjust the power quality of distribution network, and achieve functions of balanced three-phase load current, voltage adjustment, reactive power compensation and harmonic control, it is the best solution for rural power distribution in various working conditions in different situations.

Main Advantages

  • The control system CPU adopts 3DSP+CPLD full digital and modular control, and the operation rate is extremely fast;
  • Adjust the three-phase unbalanced current, and the current imbalance after control at rated power is <3%;
  • Two-way dynamic stepless continuous reactive power compensation from inductive to capacitive, and target value settable;
  • Fast voltage regulation, suppress voltage fluctuations, flicker and oscillation;
  • Filter out user-side harmonics and reduce line loss;
  • Fast response, dynamic response time less than 10ms;
  • Current source type operation mode, not resonate with system impedance, and no harmonics itself;
  • Significant economic benefits, reducing consumption by 4%~15%, and no capacity attenuation;
  • Internal protection e.g. system overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and fast and complete fault self-test function;
  • Support long-term stable operation and maintenance-free operation;
  • Redundant design. Functional modules are separated from each other, and the units do not affect each other during operation;
  • Modular selection design, easy installation, operation and maintenance;
  • High degree of protection, adaptable to various complex working conditions in outdoor;
  • With wireless communication function, the user-end can get the grid voltage, current, harmonics, unbalance, waveform spectrum and other information in real time, and quickly query the equipment running status and fault record.

Monitoring communication technology

KLD-AMS-ZS series three-phase load unbalance comprehensive control device:

  • (1) Remote GPRS signal background monitoring system is equipped optionally. User can know the operation status of each device in the area in real-time way without leaving the monitoring room so that the requirements for intelligent power grid are met.
  • (2) WiFi data transmission technology is adopted to achieve wireless monitoring over close distance between devices and users. Users can quickly and easily get informed the equipment operation status and distribution system information through hand-held electronic terminals.

Hardware filter processing technology

The low-voltage power distribution user side has a unique communication method, power line carrier (PLC), which uses the existing low-voltage power line as the information transmission medium to transmit analog or digital signals at high speed through carrier waves, thereby realizing data transmission and communication function.

KLD-AMS-ZS series three-phase load unbalance comprehensive control device adopts advanced hardware filter processing technology, which can perfectly eliminate the frequency interference noise at high speed, purify the output power, avoid waveform distortion of power line, and ensure free of influence on the carrier communication signals and bring green, efficient, high-performance product applications and experiences to users.

Technical Parameters

System input
Rated voltage level 400V, other voltage level can be customized
Input phase voltage -40%~+20%
Grid frequency 50/60±5 Hz
Machine efficiency >97%
Network architecture Single-phase, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire
Performance indicators
Function mode Three-phase unbalance adjustment + voltage support + reactive power compensation + harmonic control (optional)
Three-phase compensation capacity Unbalance <3%
Way of control Dynamic continuous automatic adjustment
Power Factor Greater than 0.99, two-way, settable
Overload capacity 1.3 times rated current (effective value)
Response time <10ms
Machine efficiency ≥98%
Harmonic filtering Yes, settable
IGBT frequency ≥20kHz
Protection function Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, inverter bridge reverse protection, overcompensation protection, and anti-lightning dual protection
MTBF MTBF≥150,000h
Module interface
Display content Multi-parameter real-time information e.g. voltage, current, frequency, power factor, operating temperature, etc.
Communication interface RS485/CAN/GPRS optional
Communication protocol ModBus protocol / Power Management Bus Protocol
Installation structure
Color Stainless steel natural color
Installation method Outdoor floor-mounted/suspended type
Mounting angle <5 degree
Environment operation
Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃
Altitude Regular 1500m, customizable for higher altitude
IP Grade IP44 (outdoor)
Seismic resistance 8 level

Size and Model

KLD - Three-phase load unbalance comprehensive treatment device selection

Commonly Used Model Total capacity(kvar) System voltage(V) Overall dimension
Width*Depth*Height (mm)
Wiring method
KLD-AMS25-ZS 25 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS30-ZS 30 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS50-ZS 50 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS75-ZS 75 400V 700*569*1070 Mast cable
KLD-AMS100-ZS 100 400V 700*569*1070 Mast cable

KLD - Three-phase mixed-type load unbalance comprehensive treatment device selection

Commonly Used Model Total capacity(kvar) System voltage(V) Overall dimension
Width*Depth*Height (mm)
Wiring method
KLD-AMS25(10)-ZS 25 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS30(20)-ZS 30 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS50(30)-ZS 50 400V 700*388*1046 Mast cable
KLD-AMS75(50)-ZS 75 400V 700*569*1070 Mast cable
KLD-AMS100(60)-ZS 100 400V 700*569*1070 Mast cable

The above models are only shown as examples. Models not listed are also available. For details, please do not hesitate to contact us!