Adopting Advanced Digital Signal Processing TechnologyTo Offset Harmonic Current

It eliminates the harmonic at power side, real-time detects the waveforms generated by nonlinear load, separates harmonic part, then injects its reverse current into power grid through trigger of IGBT inverter to realize function of filtering harmonic.

Working Principle

High performance harmonic protector detects load current through current transformer, and extracts harmonic components in load current, and makes inverter generate a harmonic current equal to load harmonic current and opposite in direction, then inject it into power grid to achieve the aim of filtering.

Product Features

  • Filtering harmonic, purifying system, very fast response speed
  • Filter multiple harmonics can also filter specific order harmonic
  • Provide capacitive and inductive current correction
  • Can use multiple sets in parallel
  • Overcoming high frequency interference caused by harmonic pollution
  • Reasonable structure design, simple wiring, convenient installation

Application Occasions

  • Place where a large number of computers, switches are used, for example: stock exchange, commercial office building.
  • Places where there are a lot of harmonic current and frequently changing loads, such as: stadium, subway, etc.
  • Occasions where there are heavy loads, large harmonic current
  • Precision machining industry, for example: film industry, pharmaceutical
  • Other industries where there are a lot of rectifier equipment

Technical Parameters

System Voltage 110V~690V Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Filtering Range 2~71th harmonics, can specify harmonic orders or select several to many types of harmonic
Response Time Instantaneous response time≤100μs, total response time≤10ms
Filtering Effect Can be up to 97% Communication Protocol Modbus protocol ,RS485/232 module
Module Design Multiple-set can operate in parallel (up to 10 units in parallel) PF Adjustment Adjusting PF From inductive 0.6 to capacitive 0.6
Switching Frequency 20kHz Balance protection Programmable phase balance protection
Power Consumption ≤3% self power consumption Protection Level IP21, can be additionally installed with high protection kit
Altitude Conventional 2000 meters, higher altitudes can be customized Relative Humidity ≤95%RH (no condensation)
Service Life 20 Years Temperature Range -40℃~+65℃
Manufacturing standards IEC61000-4-5,IEC60939-1-2
GB14549-93 Power Quality_ Public Grid Quality
GB12325-90 Power quality _Allowable Deviation of Supply Voltage

Specifications & Models

Model Selection of High Performance Harmonic Protector (Active Mode)

Common Models Overall Dimension (mm) Voltage (V) Installation Method Filtering Capability
KLD-BMS2000-50A-400V 440×630×176 400 Wall mounting or rack 97%
KLD-BMS2000-100A-400V 440×575×232 400 Wall mounting or rack 97%
KLD-BMS2000-150A-400V 440×575×232 400 Wall mounting or rack 97%
KLD-BMS2000-200A-400V 440×575×232 400 Wall mounting or rack 97%

* Note: For more detailed models, please call Tysen-kld Electrical.