Reducing Failure Rates of Precision InstrumentsOvercoming High-frequency Interference

BMS1000 series harmonic protector is a high-tech product for precision instruments, which are vulnerable to various interference. It can absorb power grid high-frequency pulse peaked wave, high frequency surge signal, absorb harmonic interference of various frequencies, various energy, eliminate harmonics in source, automatically eliminate interference such as random higher harmonic and high frequency noise, pulse spike and surge etc.

Application Benefits

  • Protecting electrical equipment automatically
  • Purifying power source
  • Protecting power factor compensation device
  • Preventing false trip of protection device

Application Occasions

  • Places where a large number of communication equipment are used, for example: stock exchange, bank building.
  • Places where there are large electronic dimmer control systems, rectifier equipmen, for example: IMAX theater, opera theater, stadium.
  • Places which has strict clean requirements on electricity , for example: hospital, government office buildings, public security, etc.
  • Precision machining industries, for example: film industry, medicine and fine chemical industry etc..
  • Other industries having special demand for power.

Structural Characteristics

  • Adopting the most advanced manufacturing technology in Germany
  • Able to provide harmonic protection of frequency 1kHz~20MHz of various energy, automatically eliminate interference
  • Keeping track of the voltage and current waveform, correcting voltage, current waveform.
  • Reducing failure rate and machine maloperation of precision instruments.
  • The device itself has super high economic benefits.
  • Reasonable structure design convenient installation and commissioning.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 110~690V Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Protective Frequency 1kHz~20MHz Protective Range Pulse current withstand capacity ≤16000A single-loop high-order (n = 20)harmonic current ≤40A
Response Time Instantaneous response time≤100μs, total response time≤10ms
Instantaneous Voltage Withstand Impact voltage withstand value 2500V Leak Current ≤1.321mA
Power Consumption <0.1W Overload Protection Yes, with pre-breaker
Protection Level IP40/can be additionally installed with IP54 Kit Installation Method Clip guide rail installation
Altitude Conventional 2000 meters, higher altitudes can be customized Relative Humidity 95%RH(No condensation)
Service Life 30 Years Storage Temperature -50℃~+90℃
Temperature Range -35℃~+80℃ Executive Standard IEC61000-4-5,IEC60939-1-2
GB14549-93 Power Quality_ Public Grid Quality
GB12325-90 Power quality _Allowable Deviation of Supply Voltage

Specifications & Models

Common Models Overall Dimension (mm) Voltage(V) Installation Method Protective Frequency
KLD-BMS99-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz
KLD-BMS100-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz
KLD-BMS300-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz
KLD-BMS500-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz
KLD-BMS1000-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz
KLD-BMS1000E-3-400V 67×91×128 400 Rail installation 1kHz~20MHz