High-speed Filtering Compensation TechnologyFor Rapid Changing Load

With the application of a large number of non-linear power equipment, great harmonic pollution will be produced in power system. KLD series active power filter adopts advanced scientific research achievements to eliminate all forms of harmonics, can be applied in various working conditions with harmonic pollution. It features fast response speed, high harmonic effect,etc., achieves the purpose of improving power quality,and load carrying capacity, is an ideal filter product.

Working Principle

Active power filter is connected in parallel with harmonic source. Through real-time detection and track of harmonic source load generated by harmonic current, it fast generates current equal to it and opposite in direction to offset it, so as to eliminate the harmonic, avoid the distortion of system voltage and current waveform.

Main Applications

  • Industrial load places, for rectifier, inverter, UPS and other nonlinear loads.
  • Occasions of commercial buildings, e.g. computers, UPS, elevators, copiers, inverter air conditioner, etc.
  • Special industry places, occasions using high-precision equipment, such as EIB, CT machine etc.

Performance Characteristics

  • Wide Filter 2~71th harmonic;
  • High Harmonic current filtering rate can be up to 97%;
  • Quick Response time of harmonic compensating is less than 10ms;
  • Stable Able to inject compensating current, improve system three-phase unbalance, ensure safe operation of equipment and system;
  • Complete From 25A module to 200A module;
  • Supplementary Both filtering and reactive power compensation;
  • Advanced Fully functional intelligent control system, adopt the latest intelligent control unit, friendly interface, simple and convenient operation; able to display various parameters and real-time fault record;
  • Convenient Simple design and model selection, simple installation, operation and maintenance;
  • Reliable Able to set the maximum 100% current limiting output. Ensure long-term stable operation of the device, without worry about equipment overload.

Technical Parameters

Voltage (V)
208~480 Working Frequency (Hz) 50/60±10%
Performance Index
Filtering Capability Up to 97% Filtering Range 2~71th harmonic
Total Response Time <10ms Power Factor Correction Yes, can be set
IGBT Frequency 20kHz Overload Protection Automatically limit current at 100% rated output
Interface Module
Display interface Latest full-color display, real-time displays system harmonic and device output harmonic current Operation Interface Up key, down key, set, confirm, run, stop
Display Language Simplified Chinese/English Communication Interface RS485/RS232
Operation Environment
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+55℃ Storage Temperature -40℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity Maximum 95%RH (no condensation) Altitude Conventional 2000 meters, higher altitudes can be customized

Specifications & Models

KLD-AMS-3L Type Selections

Common Models Compensation Current (A) Rated Voltage (V) Width×Depth×Height (mm) Protection Level
KLD-AMS25-3L 25 208~480 500×560×220 NEMA1(IP20)
KLD-AMS50-3L 50 208~480 500×560×220 NEMA1(IP20)
KLD-AMS100-3L 100 208~480 549×577×230 NEMA1(IP20)
KLD-AMS150-3L 150 208~480 549×577×230 NEMA1(IP20)
KLD-AMS200-3L 200 208~480 549×577×230 NEMA1(IP20)

* For model issue, welcome inquiry.

KLD-AMS-4L Type Selections

Common Models Compensation Current (A) Rated Voltage (V) Width×Depth×Height (mm) Protection Level
KLD-AMS25-4L 25 208~480 500×560×220 IEC529(IP30)
KLD-AMS50-4L 50 208~480 500×560×220 IEC529(IP30)
KLD-AMS100-4L 100 208~480 549×577×230 IEC529(IP30)
KLD-AMS150-4L 150 208~480 549×577×230 IEC529(IP30)
KLD-AMS200-4L 200 208~480 549×577×230 IEC529(IP30)

* For model issue, welcome inquiry.