Filtering Performance & Suppressing Voltage fluctuationFast Response & High Reliability

With large-scale use of various nonlinear devices, the requirement of power supply system becomes higher and higher. As one of the core equipment and technologies of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS), application of SVG in the reactive compensation can achieve continuous and fast reactive power regulation from inductance to capacitance, effectively suppress voltage fluctuation, is the best solution in reactive power control.

Working Principle

The basic principle of SVG is shown in Fig.1. The system is regarded as a voltage source, SVG as a controllable voltage source. It rapidly absorbs or gives out the required reactive power by adjusting the amplitude and phase of output voltage at its AC side to achieve the purpose of fast dynamic regulation of reactive power.

Main Applications


Car manufacturing, metallurgy, port, wharf, petrochemical engineering, non-ferrous, power, mining, coal chemical industry, war industry, light industry, machinery manufacturing, public facilities, municipal engineering, rail transportation, etc.

Working Conditions

Various occasions demanding reactive power, especially for irregular rapid changing, shocking, three-phase unbalanced load. Rolling, DC furnace, electric arc furnace, lifting platform, cable car, internal mixer, punching machine, rolling mill, forging, textile machine, and other loads with rich harmonic content.

Performance Characteristics

  • Advanced Adopting the latest international quality devices;
  • Flexible Seamless reactive power regulation from inductive to capacitive;
  • High Efficient Single-phase and three-phase regulation;
  • Quick Fast response speed. Dynamic response time is less than 1ms;
  • Stable Stabilizing system voltage, allowing the system to operate more stably; Single-phase dynamic regulation, suppressing the negative sequence component.
  • Energy Saving Obvious energy saving effect, saving up to 4%~15%;
  • Protection Over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-current protection;
  • Convenient Simple design and model selection, simple installation, operation and maintenance , scalable parallel operation of SVG module;
  • Safe SVG is not resonate with system impedance, with higher safety;
  • Fully Functional Intelligent Operating System
    • Adopting intelligent operating unit, friendly interface;
    • Display interface real-time displays power grid voltage, SVG current, load current and waveform;
    • Real-time fault records and information query.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage (V) 400、690, other voltage levels can be customized Working Frequency (Hz) 50/60±5
Wiring Mode Three-phase three-wire, Three-phase four-wire, single-phase
Performance Index
Power Factor More than 0.99,can be set Reactive power compensation method Dynamic continuous self-regulation
Response Time <1ms Overall Efficiency Up to 98%
Harmonic Filtering Yes, can be set IGBT Frequency 20kHz
Overload Protection Automatically limit current at 100% rated output Compensation for Three-phase Unbalanced, Load Yes
Output Harmonic Current <3% Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) MTBF≥150000小时
Self loss <2.5%
Interface Module
Display interface Real-time display of multiple parameters such as system voltage, current, power factor, etc. Operation Interface Operational parameter setting
Display Language Simplified Chinese/English Communication Interface RS485、Modbus protocol
Operation Environment
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+55℃ Storage Temperature -40℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity Maximum 95%RH (no condensation) Altitude Conventional 2000 meters, higher altitudes can be customized

Specifications & Models

KLD-SVG-3L Type Selections

Common Models Compensation
Capacity (kvar)
Voltage (V)
Overall Dimension
Coolingng Method
KLD-SVG-50-3L-400V/690V 50 400/690 520×610×200 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-100-3L-400V/690V 100 400/690 520×600×255 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-150-3L-400V/690V 150 400/690 520×620×270 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-200-3L-400V/690V 200 400/690 520×620×290 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-250-3L-400V/690V 250 400/690 520×630×310 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-300-3L-400V/690V 300 400/690 520×640×330 Forced cooling

KLD-SVG-4L Type Selections

Common Models Compensation
Capacity (kvar)
Voltage (V)
Overall Dimension
Coolingng Method
KLD-SVG-50-4L-400V 50 400 520×610×200 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-100-4L-400V 100 400 520×600×255 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-150-4L-400V 150 400 520×620×270 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-200-4L-400V 200 400 520×620×290 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-250-4L-400V 250 400 520×630×310 Forced cooling
KLD-SVG-300-4L-400V 300 400 520×640×330 Forced cooling

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