Controlling Inputs & Cut Off Capacitor BanksApplied to Reactive Power Compensation

KLD power factor controller provides effective reactive power compensation, measurement, monitoring.The controller has strong function, and has functions of multiple protections, detection and alarm. It is provided with communication interface for remote control.

Technical Parameters

  • Running Voltage: AC230V/380V,45-65Hz
  • Display: current I, voltage U, power factor cosΦ, active power P, reactive power Q
  • Outputs: 12 channels、16 channels、18 channels
  • Interface: RS485, Modbus communication protocol
  • Connection: pluggable terminal
  • Shell: Front: resin structure Back: metal structure

Technical Parameters

  • Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃
  • Mechanical life: greater than 35 x 106 switching operations
  • Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • Ambient humidity: 0%~95%,without humidity or dew
  • Protection grade: IP30 - operating surface IP40, higher grades can be customized
  • Shell size: 144mm(L)×144mm(W)×60mm (D)
  • Executive standard: EN 61010-1/IEC 61610-1,EN 61326/IEC 61326

Structural Characteristics

  • Full-digital design, AC sampling, LCD Chinese liquid crystal display
  • Humanized design, modular assembly, appearance of streamline
  • Automatic programming, high measurement accuracy of power factor
  • Conducts 4- quadrant measurement, monitors inductive/capacitive load
  • Supports three-phase, split-phase, mixed compensation scheme
  • Program supports constant capacity, coding, fuzzy control
  • Able to program discharge time and switching-off delay
  • With two working ways: manual and automatic compensation
  • With protection functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, harmonic voltage, harmonic current and over-temperature
  • Controller has RS-485, Modbus standard field bus communication interface

Specifications & Models

Models Usage Control pathways Voltage (V) (AC) Alarm Output Hole size
length×width (mm)
KLD-MR16-TX Controls switching of contactor 16 380 Yes 138×138
KLD-MRT12-TA Controls switching of thyristor 12 380 Yes 138×138
KLD-MRT18 Controls switching of thyristor 18 220 Yes 138×138
KLD-MRT18-H Controls switching of thyristor 18 380 Yes 138×138