Realize ‘Zero-cross-switching’ No Transient CurrentSwitch On/Off Within One Cyclic Wave

Many equipment with fast and frequent load change exist in modern industry, using Thyristor Switching Switches can be adopted to quickly compensate the switching device, to achieve extremely fast switching and switching-off operation.

Thyristor switching device has no mechanical wear,and has the advantage of on transient process actually. This means power factor improvement has minimum delay.

Technical Parameters

• Zero-crossing switching • Repeatable frequent switching
• Fast response speed:1~20ms • no mechanical wear
• Integration, convenient installation • Contact-type safe connection
• Full casting structure • LED displays switching state
• Built-in cooling fan • Service life is more than 20 years
• Over-temperature protection • Suitable for various cabinet

Main Applications

• Occasions of fast, frequent change of reactive power
• Occasions of limiting surge current and voltage fluctuation

Structural Characteristics

  • No Surge Current: Capacitor is only put into the system when voltage difference between both ends of thyristor is zero and synchronous and various possible faults and disturbances due to surge current are eliminated.
  • No Transient Current: Zero-crossing switching controller will control the instant switching-off circuit of capacitor with current value of zero in sine wave, greatly increase usage safety.

Structural Characteristics

  • Real-time Compensation Function: Thyristor control can be easily put into compensation within 20ms, and meet any frequent and rapid changes.
  • Frequency of Switching Operation: zero-crossing switching’ can switch very frequently and safely.
  • Extends the Service Life: Because thyristor switch has no surge and no transient current, thereby greatly prolonging service life of capacitor, saving the cost of routine maintenance and replacement.
  • Long-term Benefits: The overall cost and operation cost is more economical in long-term assessment, and the great extension of the service life of the capacitor.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 230V~690V,50/60Hz Response Time 1~20ms
Rated Capacity Can be in series connected with reactor of up to 14% reactance rate
Protection Level IP20(Ohers can be customized) Driving Voltage DC 12V
Temperature Protection Temperature is controlled by fan at 40℃, the module is switched off at 80℃ Ambient Temperature -25ºC~+50ºC
Relative Humidity Maximum 95% Altitude Conventional 2000 meters, higher altitudes can be customized
Technical Standard IEC 60439 ,IEC 146

Specifications & Models

Specifications Design Models Output Power Usage Alarm Output System Voltage (V)
Single-phase Thyristor Switches KLD-TSC15-1-2010 15kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC30-1-2010 30kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC45-1-2010 45kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
Three-phase Thyristor Switches KLD-TSC12.5-3-2010 12.5kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC15-3-2010 15kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC25-3-2010 25kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC30-3-2010 30kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400
KLD-TSC50-3-2010 50kvar Real time dynamic switching Yes 400

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