Company Profile

The Tysen-KLD Group is committed to providing power quality, power technology, photoelectric technology, and electrical fire safety solutions to customers in the industrial and power industries. Through long-term and unremitting efforts of many partners at home and abroad, Tysen-KLD has successfully helped many users to fulfill their desire of safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

Tysen-KLD has conducted a number of product R&D and owns extensive range of product lines, including full range of power compensation and filtering device, arc protection system, fiber optic temperature real-time monitoring system, wireless fire alarm and automatic fire suppression system, measuring equipment and sensor, and power automation system. It offers systemic power solutions to industrial, commercial, power and utility users, provides customers with products, technical services, etc. that meet their needs, and brings long-term service and potential value growth to customers.

Tysen-KLD takes China as its service priority. It will bring excellent products and services to customers thanks to its rich R&D technical experience and long-term operational performances. Tysen-KLD has participated in the construction of many large projects in China, such as Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd., CSIC Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., PetroChina Ningxia Petrochemical Company, China Development Bank, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China Satcom Group Beijing Earth Station, Beijing No. 1 High-rise Building CITIC Tower, China Shipping Jiangsu Shipbuilding Base, Ma Steel Group, National Emergency Operations Center, Naval Ground Engineering Command Center, National Super Computing Center, HuaDian Heavy Industries Co.Ltd., Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Nanjing South Station, China Unicom HNDATA, Chengdu Metro Line 3, Togo Lome Airport, CASIC Second Research Institute, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., etc., and supplies customers with reliable wireless fire extinguishing products, power quality products, arc protection product, fiber optic temperature measurement system products and technical services. Tysen-KLD Electric has achieved its commitment relying on excellent product quality, all-round service and advanced technology.

At customer for customer will remain the forever commitments of Tysen-KLD to users!