Business Fields

Petrochemical Industry

Petroleum chemical industry is the basic industry. It provides support and service to agriculture, energy, transportation, machinery, electronic, textile, light industry, architecture, building materials etc. of agriculture & industry as well as people's daily life, occupies a pivotal position in the national economy. It is an important part of chemical industry, and plays an important role in the development of the national economy, is one of the pillar industries of our country. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers from oil chemical industry are: China National Petroleum Group, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Nonferrous Metal Mining, China Chemical Group, China Resources Group, CNMC Orient Group, Shenhua Group, Wison Chemical Industry, DuPont Chemical Group, BASF, Nanjing Kumho Chemical, Shandong Haike Chemical Group, Honghua Group, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical, Tiande Chemical Industry, Shandong Kenli Petrochemical Group, Dongying Unipec, Jiangsu Honggang Petrochemical, Shanxi Nonferrous Metal Group, Wanzhou Petrochemical, etc..

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Based on the rapid growing market in China and continuously improving global industry competitiveness, the automotive industry has become rapidly growing industry in China market. With high-level economic operation growth of Chinese economy and the industry transfer of international automobile market, the improvement of automobile manufacturing technology level and the consumption environment of China market, the advantages of China automobile manufacturing industry development are made increase rapidly. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers from automobile manufacturing industry are: CNHTC, CSR Group, CNR Group, Beijing Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile Group, Nissan Motors, Shandong Tangjun Ouling Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Rainchst Auto, Dongfen Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company LTD., Dongguan Gestamp Automoion, etc..

Machinery Industry

Machinery industry is the basic industry for national economic development and national defense construction, its varieties, quantity and quality directly affect the development of production and construction of a country. Machinery industry is the most important sub-industry of equipment manufacturing industry in china, is a strategic industry providing technical equipment for various sectors of national economy. It features high degree of industrial linkage, strong drive in industry chain, intensive technical capital, is an important guarantee for industry upgrade, technological advances of various sectors, and centralized embodiment of national comprehensive strength. Tysen-kld Technology’ s main customers from machinery industry are: Chinese Ordnance Industry Group, China First Heavy Industries Group, China Material Group, China Aluminum Group, China Nuclear Industry Group, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group, Tianjin Steel and Steel Group, Cheng Fei Group, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Group, Huadian Heavy Equipment, Wuhan Iron and Steel Heavy Industry Group, Xi'an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group, Sany Group, Xugong Group, Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry, Shandong Chenming Paper Group, Shandong Dongying Fangyuan Copper Industry, Changzhou Changlin Machinery Factory, Ruifeng Stainless Steel, Jiangsu Shanghai Heavy Industry, Beijing Changfeng Mechanical Power, Case New Holland machinery (Harbin) Sun Paper Industry, Aimake Machinery, Wison Marine Engineering , etc..

Medical Industry

Medical industry is a high-tech industry group highly integrating multidisciplinary advanced technology and means, involves the national health, social stability and economic development. As an important part of China national economy, medical industry is a industry combining traditional industry and modern industry, primary, secondary and tertiary industry into one body. The pharmaceutical industry has very important function for protecting and promoting people's health, improving the quality of life, birth control, disaster relief and epidemic prevention, military readiness and promotion of economic development and social progress. Tysen-kld Technology’ s main customers from medical industry are: Germany Bayer Group , Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Ouyi pharmaceutical, Yuanda Medicine, General Hospital of Jinan Military Region of PLA, General Hospital of the Second Artillery, Peking University International Hospital, Beijing Aerospace Center Hospital, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group, Zhengzhou NO.2 People’s Hospital, Shanghai International Medical Center, Jinan Military Region 456 hospital, Chinese people's Liberation Army No. 404 Central Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, the No.88 Hospital of Chinese people's Liberation Army, Jiangsu Hengrui hospital, Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao pharmaceutical, Chongqing Daxin pharmaceutical, Yuanda pharmaceutical Huangshi Feiyun Pharmaceutical Factory, etc..

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry not only brings direct economic benefits to every sector of the national economy, but also promotes and transfers them to every sector of the national economy by new technology, new product, new material, new technology and new management method, thus brings enormous economic and social benefits. Although the development of aerospace closely relates to military applications, but its combination with other science and technology creates many new technology paths, which has greatly influenced the numerous sectors of the national economy and many aspects of social life, changes the face of the world. Tysen-kld Technology’ s main customers from The main customers of aerospace industry are: Chinese Aviation Industry Group, Togo Lome Airport, Second Research Institute of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, Air China Limited, Xi'an Aviation Aircraft Industry Group, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Liyang Aviation, Guiyang Aerospace, Shanghai Airlines Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Production Base, Chengdu Southwest Airline, Henan Aerospace Precision Manufacturing, Xi'an Aerospace Base, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, Changchun Aviation Hydraulic Xian Engine Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Airlines, Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base, Shaanxi Hongyuan Aviation Forging, China Nuclear Industry Group, Xi'an Aerospace Automation Co., LTD, etc..

Ship Industry

Ship industry is a heavy industry undertaking the design, construction, maintenance and testing of various military and civil ship and other floating tools as well as production of the supporting equipment. The shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry providing technical equipment for shipping industry, marine development and national defense construction, has a strong role in promoting the development of the key industries such as Iron and Steel, Petrochemical, Light Industry, Textile, Equipment Manufacturing, Electronic Information etc. and export expansion. The proportion of Chinese shipbuilding in the global market is rising, China has become one of the world's major shipbuilding centers. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers from shipbuilding industry are: China shipbuilding Industry Group, Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Group, China Shipping Group, COSCO Group, Chinese Marine Jiangsu Shipbuilding Base, Dalian Shipyard, Shanghai Shipyard, Quanzhou Shipbuilding Industry, Shanhaiguan Shipyard, COSCO Nantong, Quanzhou Ship Gear Co. Ltd., Dalian Shipyard Group, COSCO Shipping (Qidong) Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Taizhou China Shipbuilding Industry, Xingang Tianjin Ship Heavy Industry, Yingkou Bayuquan CSIC, Guangzhou COSCO Shipyard,Ant Island Shipyard, Shanghai Shipyard Co., Ltd. Rong An power Marine Diesel Engine Factory, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., LTD, Weihai COSCO Shipbuilding Base Project Zhoushan Yatai Shipyard, etc..

Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor industry belongs to the electronic information industry, developing on the basis of the development and application of electronic science and technology. It belongs to hardware industry, and is the basis of information era. The product application of semiconductor industry can extend to all areas of production and life such as computer, electronics, electric power, communication, transportation, life science, information security, machinery manufacturing etc.. It is the core components for the development of the high and new technology, also base for supporting and managing a variety of computer programs and software systems. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers from semiconductor industry are: North General Electronics Group, Omnivision Semiconductor (Shanghai), Suntech Solar Energy Group, Beijing Electronic Technology Service Center, Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group, No.20 of Ministry of Electronics Industry, Shanghai Hedong Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd., etc..

Power Electronics Industry

Power electronics industry is formed by the junction of three technologies: electric power, electronics and control. The power supply is controlled and converted by semiconductor switch starter. The application of power electronic product involves many fields: Industry, transportation, electricity, electronics, home appliances, new energy, etc.. Power electronic equipment and system are developing towards high frequency, intelligence, full digital control, systematization and greening. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers from shipbuilding industry are: Datang Group, China Electronic Science & Technology Group, Germany ThyssenKrupp, Shanghai Electric, State Grid Corporation of China, ABB Electric, Schneider Electric, Hefei Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. , etc..

Public Building Projects

Public buildings include office building Public buildings (including business, enterprise, office building, government office buildings) commercial buildings (such as shopping mall, financial building), tourism buildings (such as hotel, places of entertainment, etc.), science and education buildings (including culture, education, scientific research, medical treatment, health, sports architecture etc.), communication building (such as building for post, communications, broadcasting) and transportation building (such as airports, high-speed rail station, railway station, bus station, etc.). The public building projects served by Tysen-kld Technology are: the National Supercomputing Center, the national computer network and information security management center, naval ground engineering command center, the national emergency news command center China International Trade Center, National Institute of carrier rocket, China Railway Nord, CITIC Group, Red Star Macalline, Wanda Plaza, Vanke Group, Baidu Building, Poly Group, Xinjiang High People's Court, National Accounting Institute, Shandong Ginza Group, Peking University International Hospital, Algeria Kangstan Opera, TravelSky (Jiaxing) Information Service Center, China Mobile Group Corporation, Chinese Unicom Communications Group, Lenovo Group, Ericsson (Beijing) R&D center, etc..

National Key Projects

The key construction projects refer to the construction of important projects playing a decisive role in the social and economic development during certain period. It means that only the sector or industry which will drive the development of the whole situation within certain period based on objective economic law are constructed and developed as key, can drive the accelerate development of the whole national economy. Integrating the forces to ensure key constructions is the important thing of national economy and social development, and is the major strategic decision of economic construction, including construction project in the aspects of energy, transportation and materials, etc. The main customers of national key projects served by Tysen-kld are: Gezhouba Group, China Aviation Industry Group, China CSR Corporation Limited, China Guodian Corporation, State Grid Corporation, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group, Zhongse Dongfang Group, Expo China Pavilion, Chengfei Group, China First Heavy Machinery Group, Second Research Institute of the China Aerospace Science & Industry Gorp, etc..

Railway Transportation Industry

With the fast propulsion of our urbanization process, together with the increasing business activities orienting at market economy, railway and urban rail transportation has become the basic guarantee for perfecting urban service function, promoting the rapid economic development of the city, is the important reference index for evaluation of city economic environment, investment environment, living environment. At present, China is in the construction climax of urban rail transportation, and has become the world's largest urban rail transportation construction market. Tysen-kld Technology’s main customers of railway and urban rail transportation industry are: China CSR Group, China Railway Corporation, Chengdu Metro Line No.3, Dongguan-Guangzhou High-speed Rail, West Baotou Erdos railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Lan Xin Railway Second Double Line, New Baoshen Railway Dongsheng West Railway Station, Hangzhou-Changsha Railway Passenger Dedicated Line, etc..